Hello and welcome.
My name is Murdo Grant and this website is to showcase my creativeness from Art to Music.

The music I make is a hobby that I've done since 1997 (well at least when my brain allows me to do so :) .

I have been making these songs on PC since 1997, but I have always loved the idea of doing something with music as a child, but later started to test the waters with understanding sampling sounds and playing around with all sorts of possibilities of creating something interesting and unique.  

I grew up listening to all kinds of music and appreciating the sounds that these genras of music made and make you feel.

I first started to get into making songs on the Amiga 1200 and OctaMed Soundstudio, which was a great music tracker that later moved to the PC. I also worked with Goldwave which is a great wave to sample sounds.
After alot of practice and trying new things out with the early midi/sequencer programs, which at the time was always limited by computer processor power and what the soundcard was capable of handling. With all limits, it holds your level to only get better and push yourself.

Fruityloops, now named FL Studio, has been a big part for me, and I still use it today, and what's so good is the fact that it always has something new and interesting to try out (before you ask, I don't work for them) :).
Propellerheads Reason, is also used alot for my music, compared to FL Studio, you would need alittle adjusting, but you soon get the hang of things.
In 2002/04 time I had spent alot of time,(as a fan) with 2 Unlimited's Anita Doth and her family via their chatroom, which I said that I would like to work with Anita in future projects, and through time and listening to some of my work, was welcomed to visit them in Amsterdam and see what happens from there, which i may add was super cool, It was a great experience and met some really nice people. I had the chance to meet Anita on her UK shows before the Amsterdam visit but ofcourse with good things, you always have the bad, which led to chatroom politics and that was that, but regardless, it was a huge thing for me and my music. After the fallout, being truthful, kind of knocked me alittle for my music but 10 years later, I'm still focusing on my hobby and happy to see Anita carry on with the full 2 Unlimited tours.    
Much later I decided to decided to make an album, because I just made tracks without real intention for album base, so for me was something different and planned. The album, named Future Past Present was made in 2006 and I also made a video to one of the tracks, with basic stock footage, another new for me and also n January 2007 where I had my very first music interview, with a local group called People Print, focusing on creative people in the Rochdale and surrounding area's to help promote something positve and good. In the recording you can tell that I'm nervous and I was alot more quiet then, I am now but not bad haha.     
Interview January 16th 2007
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I have been working on different things since like attempting to write a fantasy novel called The myth of the wizards secrets and I've made some tracks for it, basically like a book soundtrack. I've also been working on a album that was 2012 themed, called Connected.

Lots of projects that I'm gradually working on, but understand that it's also hard work and very draining when you work full time in everyday work, as I said at the start, when the brain wants to work, you get great songs. I hope you enjoy the music, images and some of my life book and I will be updating as much as I can so I hope you visit often and share with friends.

Thank you - Murdo Grant - BlueTape.       
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